First Saturday Dancers

Welcome to First Saturday Dancers! We are here to show you how something that can be so much fun as dancing can also have a serious side in helping to keep you fit and healthy and promote good health, vitality and general well being.

There are many different types of dance, but we are primarily interested in those forms that have a lot of get up and go in them that allow you to get very active and work on moves that will boost your strength, stamina and overall levels of fitness.

In your search for the way to health fitness and growth, you will come across many things that will help the process to be a successful one. Physical and mental growth come from getting a better understanding of how to work with both the mental and physical aspects your yoru being.

It may come as no real surprise that promoting your own health fitness and personal growth, you will be making vast improvements in your own well being and in the way you live your life. Physical exercise is a big part of this and one of the best ways of getting a great physical workout that is bith beneficial and enjoyable is by dancing!

Dancing to Fitness

You really can dance to fitness by making a commitment to dance energetically and for a reasonable length of time each day or as often as you can. The more you can do, the better for you as it gets you active and promotes good health, better coordination, more physical flexibility and greater overall strength and stamina.

Dancing does this by physically boosting the body's metabolism which in turn helps it to burn more of the calories that you are consuming through your food. This keeps your weight in check and at the same time maintains healthy strong muscles throughout your body which are essential for your long term fitness and good looks.

When you dance to an upbeat tempo and use energetic steps and moves, you are effectively giving yourself an aerobic workout even if is seems like a dance marathon at times! The only difference is that you are doing something that you really enjoy and derive a lot of pleasure from doing.

You could even class this as one of the more beneficial wellness solutions (eg: out there. Because when you get a great deal of enjoyment from a very physical activity like this, it doesn't seem like serious exercise at all!

Dancing for Fun

Of course the most important reason for getting up onto the dance floor and launching into your best routine is to have fun! While it may be one of the most amazing exercises for keeping yourself in trim and with an abundance of energy and vitality, dancing is and should always be considered a fun pastime.

It doesn't really matter what your preference is, be it traditional styles like you'd enjoy at the village fete or line dancing, strict forms such as ballroom dancing or just messing around on the dance floor in a night club to whatever music is blasting out of the speaker system. As long as you enjoy doing it wherever you do it and how ever you like to do it, the choice and the level of pleasure you get out of it is always yours!

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