Activity and Health

There are a variety of excellent ways in which to develop and maintain a good level of health. One of those ways is to stay active for a respectable percentage of your day. It may not seem like the kind of advice that you'd get from a gym trainer or sports coach, but unless you're training to become an athlete, it is not so necessary to work out for great lengths of time each day in order to be fit and healthy.

In fact, a naturally active person will be far more fit and healthy than a person who leads a predominantly sedentary lifestyle simply by the fact that they are moving their limbs and making their muscles work much more often and therefore are burning more calories throughout the day. Add to that the work done by the muscles results in better muscle health, which means they use more energy to do the work while maintaining a higher level of repair and maintenance than those of a person who does little or no activity.

So what is keeping active all about?

Keeping Active

Keeping active means you're not spending much time sitting down doing nothing. That can include watching TV, working at a desk or at the wheel of a vehicle as the case may be. Keeping active to enjoy good health means being out of the house and in the fresh air walking from place to place instead of using the car to go a hundred yards down the road to the store.

It means meeting friends to go for a swim at the local pool or meeting your team mates and enjoying a team sport at amateur level. It means meeting friends in the evening at the local dance hall and dancing the night away with your partner and enjoying every minute of it. It means running to catch a bus or a train, walking at a fast pace along the sidewalk to get to where you're going, running up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Lots of Small Things Add Up to a Bigger Whole

There are many small things that all add up during the day to a big amount of activity that another person who does none of those things misses out on. It means you get to keep your body in motion for longer and doing many different tasks, each of which helps keep the muscles that need to do the work supple and well exercised. With health and fitness, it's a case of use it or lose it.

In other words, you have a magnificent body at your disposal, but you have to keep using it or it will seize up and let you down at some point along the way. It's an unfortunate fact that many people who don't use their bodies enough don't realize there is anything debilitating coming until is arrives.

Do the right thing and stay active and use that body of yours. You will always be able to enjoy it and know it will keep working for you as long as you keep it working!

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