Dancing and Weight Control

One of the great things about dancing often is that it gives your body a great workout even when it doesn't feel like it. That's probably because when you're dancing, you are enjoying yourself so it doesn't seem anything like a chore! There are a lot of health benefits that come with regular dance and one of those is that you get to keep your body weight in check without it seeming like you are undergoing any kind of weight control program to do it.

So what's happening when you're dancing for an extended period of time and doing quite active dance moves rather than the more sedate ones? Well, for starters, you push your breathing (respiratory) rate up and that in turn raises your heart rate. This causes your blood to pump faster around your body to carry more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles that are working hard and that need them.

All that work going on inside your body raises your body temperature, which causes you to sweat more to cool down. In effect, what I just described is the effects of doing an aerobic workout and in reality, dancing at elevated activity levels for a prolonged period of time is exactly what it is.

Workout or Recreational Activity?

So why does it feel like you're not so much exercising or working out, as just simply enjoying yourself and having a good time? A big part of that comes from the fact that dancing is seen as a recreational activity and that fools your brain into thinking its not real exercise. This is perfect because it means you can enjoy a great workout without all the unpleasant aspects of working your self really hard in a gym or in an aerobics class.

You get to do an activity that is fun, while also being very healthy! This is one of the best weight loss tips that you can get from the point of view of keeping your physical weight under control while being able to enjoy what you are doing without it feeling like you should be working yourself really hard to get the same effect.

Choose Your Dance Discipline

Your choice of dance discipline will decide the level of health and fitness benefit that you get from doing what you love doing. But in any case, most upbeat, fast and very active routines will give you the most benefit, especially the Latin based routines such as those taught in the Zumba dance workouts.

It helps to be dancing to a piece of music that you really love, because the music itself can raise you to even greater heights of enjoyment and enable you to keep going far longer than you would ever be able to do if you were in a different environment such as a gym where what you are doing would be seen as a chore rather than an enjoyable recreational activity.

In fact, maintaining a healthy weight is often the last thing on the minds of dancers as they tend to focus more on the enjoyable aspects of their favorite pastime. This is the best way to keep your self fit and healthy, because when you enjoy doing any activity, you will want to do it all the more and more often.

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